Guildford Rocks

Fine Street Co Pizza Kits

We’ve just stumbled across an amazing local business called Fine Street Co, who are delivering pizza kits to the local area.

How does it work?

Simply head over to the website, select how many pizzas you’d like, the toppings you want and then choose a delivery date (we were able to get a same day delivery). Your pizza kit will then be delivered to your house and left on your doorstep.

What’s included?

The kit includes everything a budding pizza chef needs - pizza dough, tomato base, mozzarella, and your toppings. All the ingredients come ready prepared in individual pots, so you can pretend you’re on an episode of Blue Peter. There are clear instructions too, with photos to help, and you even get a chefs hat to get you in the mood. Our toddler had great fun helping to roll out the dough and putting the toppings on his pizza.

How did it taste?

Amazing! Even our toddler, who has an aversion to tomatoes, happily tucked into his pizza and had an empty plate at the end.

And don’t forget to order a dessert when you order your kit. We treated ourselves to the cheesecake and profiteroles, which both come as individual portions and were a great end to the meal.

Would you order again?

Absolutely. After a busy day looking after two kids and trying to work I was thankful for a meal that was not only quick to prepare, but also provided some much needed entertainment for the little ones. We can’t wait to make pizza night a regular event in our household.

If you want a break from cooking, but don’t fancy a takeaway, I would highly recommend getting a Fine Street pizza kit. And even better, you get to support a local business too. Head over to